NO2-Max Inspection: A CrazyBulk Product For Massive Pumps & Power!


You must be wondering exactly what the CrazyBulk NO2 Max is all about. Before we get into this, you should see that the human body is a complex system of nerves that is responsible for carrying blood and nutrition. The flow of blood is a vital action that ensures the proper operation of all the organs and the muscular system. The same system is also responsible for removing toxins from the narrowest areas of the body.

NO2-MAX CrazyBulk Pre - Workout Supplement Reviews and Results

In this manner, the rate at which oxygen-rich blood (or The good blood) is being provided, chances are the muscles to get oxygenated blood that brings out higher endurance and strength. In addition, the abundance of oxygen in the muscles retains muscle fatigue off.

Nitric Oxide is a chemical compound that greatly assists in opening up the blood vessels resulting in greater ow of blood flow. The rise in blood as experienced by the muscles contributes to more gains, strength, and stamina. But getting your own body high on Nitric Oxide concentration is easier said than done. Odds are, even after enormous shifts in eating habits the human own body still may not enough of the chemical compound to have the desired benefits. This is when nutritional supplements can help in unexpected ways!

One such strong nutritional supplement is CrazyBulk’s NO2 Max. A supplement that is favorites among bodybuilders. It’s clinically tested and provides zero side effects to its customer. Want more? The re-order speed of the product is enormous and you are able to pair it with different products from CrazyBulk.

In this guide, we are reviewing CrazyBulk NO2-Max so that you do know what to expect from it. Spoiler Alert: NO2-Max by CrazyBulk is your Nitric Oxide channel you cannot say NO to! Read the whole review to understand how it works along with the ways to get the most out of it!

NO2-Max: What’s it?

The Item, NO2-Max, is a natural nitric oxide booster that aims at improving the speed of Circulation of oxygen within the body, increasing muscle mass (strength and endurance as well) and the libido. By boosting the levels of nitric oxide in the body, a boost in blood ow and the supply of nutrients in the body can be experienced. This item is a powerhouse for nitric oxide generation within the body. The best part about this is that it’s offered by CrazyBulk, a company renown for quality health supplements and lawful steroids.

Some changes you may observe from the body are under:

  • An increase in energy levels.
  • Your endurance for any action will increase.
  • Recovering between sets gets quick.
  • Pumps are becoming more intense.
  • An overall increase in performance.

Essential ingredients used in CrazyBulk NO2-Max

NO2-Max REVIEW | Pre-work Supplement to Boost your Performance

Calcium (derived from Dicalcium Phosphate)

Calcium is a vital component that retains your system (the skeletal system really ) more undamaged and standing. It encourages the health of bones by making them powerful. Over that, this component supports the electrical conduction and subsequent muscular contraction of vital organs such as the heart. This attribute works as a protecting shield when exercise sessions are intense. Additionally, Dicalcium Phosphate protects muscles and tendons from any sort of harm caused by swift moves.

L-Arginine alpha-Ketoglutarate

This ingredient is an amino acid that increases the production levels of nitric oxide in the liver which Eventually causes the removal of toxins from the organ. The chemical compound actively stimulates the process of protein breakdown in order to repair damaged muscles and allowing the consumer to grow more lean muscle mass (a process called protein synthesis). To get the best of the ingredient, we highly suggest taking a supplement that’s rich in protein right after the workout.

Other ingredients that make up the supplement are:

The Way to eat NO2-Max?

Take 2 capsules with water about 20 minutes prior to the onset of your workout session. Do this for two months frequently along with working out and keep up a wholesome diet to find the best outcomes. Avoid taking more than 2 capsules every day. If you are under the age of 18 decades, consult a doctor before swallowing the pills.

How can CrazyBulk NO2 work?

NO2-Max works by increasing the concentration of Nitric Oxide in the body. It is a vasodilator that immediately relaxes blood vessels. The diameter of the blood vessels increases (known as dilation of blood vessels), allowing more blood, nutrients and oxygen into ow into the muscles through intense workout sessions. The abundance of blood and oxygen ow to the muscles increases its strength and stamina. Thus, your muscles recover quickly also because the nutrients reach the muscles way quicker than they used to. An increase in nitrogen retention within the body also supports great sexual health as relaxed and widened blood vessels result in stronger and more lasting erections.

NO2-Max: Say goodbye to your bucks!

Here is why NO2-Max is worth the purchase:

  • There have been no reported side effects.
  • The delivery is fast and FREE to any address.
  • This supplement increases muscle strength and stamina.
  • It speeds up protein synthesis and also helps in nitrogen retention You can experience huge pumps using this particular product.
  • The product doesn’t have any caffeine content within it.
  • NO2-Max is a wonderful companion when paired with all additional CrazyBulk products.
  • The ingredients have scientific backing for their effectiveness.
  • Dilated blood vessels allow more ow of oxygenated blood and nutrients to your system.
  • Impact of sexual lifestyle in a good way.
  • The product is 100% secure and offers no side effects.

Scientific Research

Nitric oxide boosters have become a very popular trend Due to the various benefits associated With the usage of such supplements. Biomedical science has extensively dealt with the boost of nitric oxide from the bloodstream.

Nitric oxide has a huge biochemical reaction in the interior walls of the blood vessels. It alleviates the general pressure distribution around the periphery of these vessels and at precisely the same time, smoothens out the various stress concentration areas along the surface area. After that, the nitrogen ions dissociated by nitric oxide in touch with the blood behave as hydrophobic brokers and they stick to the internal surfaces of their vessels. Because of this, when blood enters these nitrogen spots, it encounters a surface of reduced fluid drag friction as the region above the spots form a temporal bubble of vapor that repels the RBCs and artificially pumps blood flow around the vessels. All of this occurs on a microscale. To put it differently, the microfluidic facet of blood is encouraged by nitric oxide.

Furthermore, the reduced levels of stress concentration and supply result in the dilation of the blood vessels. This dilation also leads towards an improved ow of fresh oxygen throughout your body. Therefore, oxygen directly leads to better absorption of nutrients by your own blood. As a consequence of all this, your muscles have been supplied with more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood, making them more capable to deal with the lifting of weights and also function better in the gym.

The most significant thing worth noting here is that while the ow of fluids through surfaces in the macroscale level entails a certain amount of surface friction into the fluid motion. Nonetheless, in the microscale level, the ow of bloodstream through blood vessels to the administration of nitric oxide causes a free manner of ow whereas the nitrogen ion spots within the interior surface of the blood vessels facilitate the ow rather than impeding it.

This factor coupled with the biomechanically dilated blood vessels performs a general Enhanced ow of blood to the muscles and various parts of the human body. Needless to say, the free-ow attributes also help in reducing the blood pressure, thereby promoting the operation of the cardiovascular system. In short, nitric oxide supplements are fantastic for the good health of the heart and your own body generally.

Some Testimonials glorifying NO2-Max:

I always had issues with nitrogen retention. No matter how many diets I shifted, nothing seemed to work. My gym coach told me about CrazyBulk’s NO2-Max and I got it immediately (thanks to superfast delivery). I’ve been using this supplement for four weeks now and can’t put in words just how great I feel today. I continue longer, both at the gym as well as in a bed. It worked wonderfully for me!

Ketchum Baxter, 49-year-old

The principal reason for me with this supplement is because I understand the value of nitric oxide’s presence within the body. I used to experience enormous quantities of muscle fatigue after a workout. This product has changed it all for me. My muscles feel oxygenated and I will now do lots of intense work out without fail!

Cath Chinhowk, 32 years old

When there’s something next to God particle, it is NO2-Max! Oh, boy, the way it’s worked in my sexual health. I now last more than ever and she’s always happy about it. Indeed a wonderful purchase! Will keep buying more!

Alex, 27 years old

This item is amazing. It has no side-effects, functions in under two months of Regular dosage. Preventing your muscles shielded from soreness. I now go to the fitness center as a certain person who understands soreness cannot even touch me! I indulge in extreme exercises and voila! Never feel like a crab later!

Nicola Fredman, 30 years old

Some Frequently Asked Questions on NO2-Max by CrazyBulk:

Q. Do I need to boost my diet to ensure this product functions?

A. Little adjustments are always valued. While taking NO2-Max, It’s Ideal to have a diet that is full of protein. This type of diet will guarantee protein synthesis occurs at the maximum and you get the absolute most out of your fitness session.

Q. How many active ingredients are there in the item?

A. There are two main active ingredients in the human body, namely: Zinc and L-Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate.

Q. How should I eat this item?

A. Take 2 tablets of this supplement with water about 20 minutes before your workout session.

Q. Are there any side effects?

A. No, the product is 100% secure.

Q. Where do I purchase this product from?

A. CrazyBulk does not market its goods on any other platform such as Amazon or even Walmart. To buy Products, it is possible to check the official site

Q. Can I set the supplement with heaps?

A. Yes, you can pair NO2-Max along with different stacks on CrazyBulk’s website.


Nitric oxide plays a vital role in the body. This chemical compound not only works by raising The ow of oxygenated blood and nutrients into the body but in addition, it dilates blood vessels so that everything functions utter smoothly. The one thing that you need to take good care (you may count this is a ‘con’) is that this product is really a nitric oxide workshop. It can’t independently function to offer you bulks of muscles. You got to pair it with various other products in the organization or pair it with a stack of your selection. Overall, it is a great product that works amazingly when coupled with a healthy diet and a successful exercise plan.

Ostarine (MK 2866): Dosage, Results and Side Effects

Ostarine MK 2866, also known as Enobosarm, is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator(SARM) which can help you look muscular from the exterior and preserves muscle mass, reduces body fat and prevents muscle dystrophy. And no, they’re not only for men. In smaller doses, it’s beneficial in treating osteoporosis and muscle wasting in both males and females. Produced by GTx INC, a Memphis pharmaceutical firm, Ostarine MK-2866 is regarded as the safest and widely used anabolic SARM amongst the others. It does not disturb or inhibit the natural action of androgens.

In fact, it effectively helps to raise the efficacy of androgens on tissues and muscles of bones, thereby protecting you from muscle wasting. But because SARMs aren’t accepted by the FDA due to the potential health risks (that we will discuss in the content ), Ostarine like other SARM goods is illegal too.

There is a major downside to using SARMs like Ostarine MK2866 for muscle building.

To get a better view of the difference between SARMs and normal bodybuilding nutritional supplements, let’s explore a popular male bodybuilding  MENU nutritional supplement. For example Testogen. (You can also compare Ostarine MK2866 with Testofuel, PrimeMale, TestRx, or dial. All these are popular bodybuilding supplements using FDA approved ingredients)

Testogen is a man bodybuilding supplement that mainly operates by boosting testosterone levels. As a consequence of increased testosterone levels, you receive these advantages.

  • Enhanced sex drive
  • Better physical endurance
  • Faster fat burning
  • More lean muscle

So, if you had to choose between Ostarine MK2866 and Testogen, which one should you choose?

It’s an easy choice!

Ostarine MK2866

  • Ingredients aren’t FDA Approved
  • Suppresses the generation of testosterone
  • Has lots of side-effects
  • Results are guaranteed
  • Rating: 3/10


  • FDA Approved Ingredients
  • It’s a natural testosterone boosting supplement
  • It has no side-effects
  • Results are ensured
  • Rating: 10/10

Ostarine MK2866 suppresses the production of testosterone to become of its androgen inhibiting attributes. Meaning that it helps you build and retain muscle, however, you don’t receive any of the additional benefits delivered by the Testogen.

This suppression has some side effects. You may Undergo the next;

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Lethargy

On top of this, You’ll Have to spend money on a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) Each time you take a SARM like Ostarine MK2866.

On the other hand, Testogen is a natural testosterone boosting supplement. It does not supply artificial testosterone, but it enriches the normal production of testosterone in the male body. That the way you get all the benefits listed above, without suffering any side effects.

Coming back into MK 2866 review;

You might be having many questions on your head at this time. What exactly are SARMs and do so many people use them if it’s illegal? Are they secure? Why Ostarine MK 2866 is known to be the best SARM and also how to properly utilize them? We have replied to all of your questions and more.

Now before we clarify what SARM is, it is important to understand what is an androgen receptor.

Androgen Receptor

Androgens, namely the man hormone-testosterone, controls the healthful Development, maintenance and proper functioning of secondary sexual organs and accessory glands in the body. They’re made by the Leydig cells of testes in men and in very small quantities in ovaries of women which functions as a precursor to estrogen. These androgens bind to the androgen receptors, activating them. This androgen after binding to the androgen receptor plays an essential function in maintaining skeletal integrity in guys. Androgen receptors, also referred to as NR3C4 (Nuclear Receptor subfamily 3, group C, member 4) is a nuclear receptor, therefore describing its binding-activating property.

While some of these might help you in bulking up, a Number of Them help Cutting down the extra fat. Few can perform equally bulking and cutting efficiently. Dosage disagrees in all of them and SARMs are accepted in cycles and after its completion, some SARMs may require PCT (Post Cyclic Remedy ) which shall be discussed.

SARMs are currently not approved by the Food and Drugs Administration(FDA) and are not legal as a result of its association with possible health dangers for example suppressed levels of hormones (PCT makes it possible to get back in ordinary amounts ) and nausea. However, they are definitely much safer than the harmful side effects of anabolic steroids. They are now legally used just for chemical research functions for discovering their uses in treating ailments related to muscle wasting or aging and cancer. Buying SARMs for bodybuilding online will not put you in trouble in any way though.

SARMs and anabolic steroids

Both are banned and prohibited products and both assist you in gaining muscle mass whilst getting rid of the extra fat. Both work in similar manners except SARMs selectively targets the androgen receptors, mimicking the testosterone. Both come with various side effects however the side effects you get from using anabolic steroids are really bad for you as well as something you’d definitely not want.

They cause harm to your liver, may cause infertility in both females and males, men may develop breasts, girls may observe an undesirable change in their voice, which is usually not reversible.

Yes, SARMs do have side effects also. It may suppress levels of hormones like Testosterone, which anabolic steroids suppress to a larger extent. From time to time, people who utilize Andarins may notice the shift in their vision. But most of the side effects are reversible and get regular once you stop using these, natural hormonal balance is brought back to its own a normal state. Many SARMs in reduced doses do not result in any significant negative outcomes. The suppression of testosterone is corrected by means of a PCT after each cycle.

What if Ostarine MK-2866 be used for?

If this is your first time with SAcas, then Ostarine is perfect for you!

Ostarine MK-2866 is the safest to use, as a result of its mild nature. One of the Main benefits that include Ostarine is it may be utilized both for cutting and bulking.

Becoming anabolic in nature and lacking the house to aromatize it increases Muscle mass considerably without causing retention of water within your entire body. This prevents your body from looking at and dry. It burns the fat out effectively making you look sharp and fine. That is because unlike steroids, Ostarine does not get converted to estrogen. Not only that, but we also found Ostarine helps improve your body’s metabolism and mental cognitive skills and increases bone density by making your bones consume more calcium from the food you eat.

Ostarine Is Quite mild, so it is best for beginners and anyone wanting to not Bulk up too rapidly. It provides you the result you need but takes a while but a bonus, it doesn’t get tough in your body.

Ostarine (MK 2866): Pros

Listed below are the experts of using MK 2866:

  • Produces substantial muscle gains.
  • Increases your natural endurance and keeps you energetic throughout the day.
  • Increases insulin resistance.
  • Contributes to good overall health.
  • Does not harm your organs
  • It enhances the body’s natural power.
  • No side effects if you adhere to the recommended dose.

Dosage: How to use Ostarine MK 2866

Our team recommends you to utilize it into a cycle of 12 weeks. Reports from Users state 8 weeks of bulking and 4 months of clipping give you the best results with zero to quite limited side effects, the majority of which go away once you stop the cycle. Using the product for over 12 weeks raises the odds of hormone suppression.

Being conscious of how to utilize Ostarine MK 2866 SARM just to your benet And requirement is very important.

Cancer patients are given the sole 3mg per day and Earn 2-3lbs following using for 4 months. Bodybuilders take 8-10 times greater than what’s given to cancer patients- that is, 25mg daily for a 12-week cycle. This gains you 5lbs-6lbs at the close of the cycle. Ostarine includes a half-life of 24 hours so most bodybuilders prefer taking their everyday dose at once while some do want taking in smaller doses 2-3 times per day. Ladies, on the other hand, favor taking 10mg daily.


SARMs are often given in stacks. Ostarine is stacked with Ligandrol (LGD4033) and Candarine for cutting and pruning edge. A Lot of People understand that Lingadrol assists in bulking, but a lesser-known fact is that it assists in cutting by preventing water retention since well. Cardarine helps promote fatty acids metabolism. Should you choose 25mg/day of Ostarine, you are supposed to take 20mg per day each of both LGD-4033 and Candarine. Stacking is not always mandatory with Ostarine though. You may carry out the procedure without it but we do recommend stacking.

This is a 12 weeks cycle, by the end of which you start noticing desired Changes to your entire body. But like most things, Ostarine does have side effects too. After the completion of this cycle, there could be a decrease in the natural release of Testosterone. This suppression is fixed by 3-4 weeks of PCT.

PCT-Post Cycle Therapy:

Now, there’s no known clear answer to this. This relies on goods with Similar composition and reports and working by several users. Since Ostarinedoes don’t obstruct the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular Axis, PCT is not needed when Ostarine is taken in lower doses of 3mg-10mg. But you positively do need a PCT when shooting Ostarine in greater doses.

You definitely do not need hardcore PCT such as Clomid or Nolvadex after Ostarine MK-2866, even if you take 25mg daily for 12 weeks. But you do require a gentle anti-estrogen and aromatase inhibitor

Aromatase in the body, reduces the production of testosterone which in turn increases the production of estrogen. With the use of a PCT cycle, this doesn’t occur and a beautiful hormonal equilibrium is preserved.

Red PCT 2.0 can be taken for 4 months and you’ll be absolutely normal, feeling energized and in love with your own body. Red PCT is made from 7 natural aromatase inhibitors- Agaricus, Bisporus, Luteolin, Apigenin, DIM, Resveratrol, Grape Seed Extract and Acacetin – all of which are obtained from crops.

Following a four week PCT, you have to take a 3-4 week rest. Only after this time off, you may start a SARM cycle. This way you receive the best outcomes.

If you compare Ostarine to other people SARMs such as RAD-140(Testolone), RAD-140 Is a much stronger medication and PCT gets absolutely mandatory. Ostarine and Lingadrol would be the safest for novices and can be taken in smaller doses with no PCT cycle later (we suggest you include a PCT cycle anyhow )

Now that you understand what SARMs and Ostarine do, you should also Understand these come with side effects, they’re not as hazardous as those of anabolic steroids though. They cause absolutely no harm to the liver or some other organs and females don’t develop male-like voices. SARMs are also beneficial for treating diseases like cancer-which was its initial purpose anyhow. But since SARMs haven’t been researched on that section yet, what we discussed relies solely on what we noticed and what users have reported. Despite the side effects, folks used and will continue to utilize SARMs anyway. So it is always better to know what to expect and not be unaware so that you may take needed precautions.

Side Effects of Ostarine MK-2866

Negative effects are also the reasons it is banned.

  • Ostarine allegedly raises levels of Estradiol in blood, inducing hormonal disturbances.
  • You will experience not using a solid sleep and have frequent nightmares which makes you a little moody.
  • Ladies notice the change in their own ovulation patterns.
  • People may suffer from joint pains and muscular exhaustion, which is just another reason that you should go to get a PCT following a SARM cycle.
  • Feeling tired and tired.

Most of them do go away after a PCT cycle though, which is probably why regardless of having side effects, so many individuals still purchase them. Because hey, it’s successful as well and provides you exactly what you need.

Where should you buy Ostarine MK-2866?

Proven Peptides is a US-based North American provider best known for its Genuineness and marvel at the products sold. Not just OstarineMK-2866, you can nd all of SARMs plus the PCT chemicals here.

Currently, SARMs are sold under the purpose of research rather than for us Traditional uses. This is how bodybuilders purchase them anyway.

Buy yourself a bottle of Ostarine MK-2866 on the official website of Proven Peptides now.

Testimonials by actual users

“I used to go to the fitness center with two of my friends frequently. They Kept getting muscle quickly but I was so slow. 1 day when I was feeling too unhappy, my friend suggested me to start using SARMs and I must tell you, one entire cycle in and I could see how well my body evolved. I’m so convinced about myself now and don’t shy away . Gotta love SARMs”.

Scott Balor

“I wanted to bulk up my muscles so I started using steroids. I Did bulk up but the hair grew at undesirable places, I began growing breasts little by little and I’d often feel tired. My girlfriend, who’s a nurse and has an idea told me I must immediately cease using steroids since they pose lifelong threats and begin using safer SARMs known as Ostarine MK-2866 rather than I’ve been using them for over a year now and I feel better. I really don’t feel that drowsy anymore and I haven’t had any harmful side effects as of yet. And I also appear more muscular than previously. I am loving it!” .

Patrick Biersack


Q. Are SARMs legal?

A. No, SARMs have not been legalized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as of yet because of the possible health risks. They are lawfully sold for study purposes though.

Q. Is a PCT compulsory if you’re using SARMs?

A. This completely depends on the medication and the dosage you are using. Drugs such as Ostarine MK-2866 and Lingadrol do not demand a PCT when taken in dosages involving 3mg-10mg/day. While drugs such as RAD-140 require a PCT in lower doses because of its potency.

Q. Are SARMs safer than anabolic steroids?

A. Yes, SARMs are much safer than anabolic/androgenic steroids. SARMs Work selectively on adrenal glands and operate uniquely on each different tissue, posing no threat to the liver that anabolic steroids do. Steroids also cause intense hormonal imbalance, tumors, infertility and deepening of voice in females.

Q. Is it true that SARMs are used in the treatment of cancer?

A. SARMs are currently being researched on that eld more comprehensive. In fact, 60 years when it was initially introduced, it had been for healing muscle wasting in cancer sufferers. 1 day it might be viewed as one of the main treatments in treating muscle wastage.


Ostarine MK-2866 helps to bulk up and look ripped and make you feel confident about your body. Dosage is a really important factor and it is always better to follow the directions given. Men can use up to 25mg per day as a woman can go for 10mg daily for 12 weeks. As per your dose, we’ve explained the demands of PCT in our post. But since none of the SARM’s goods are FDA approved and are not promising to diagnose or treat any diseases, it’s almost always better to talk to a doctor before using them to your security.

RAD140 (Testolone) – Everything You Need To Know In 3 Minutes!

It’s quite interesting to read about SARMS on message boards these days.

They appear to have been neatly categorized into groups that allow first-timers to make an easy choice, much like anabolic steroids.

So you’ve MK-2866 being known as the newcomer SARM, something such as a TRT-dose cycle of Test-Cyp or even Test-E.

You’ve Got S-4 for reductions or to get pre-contest preps, like Winstrol is.

LGD-4033 for bulks, such as Testosterone and Deca Durabolin.

And Testolone or RAD140 for strength.

The only part that we disagree on is labeling Testolone as a SARM only for strength gains.

There’s so much more to Testolone. It’s also a very powerful bulking compound that won’t turn you in the water-filled balloon. Think dry gains.

If you were stuck with all the Testolone vs. Anabolicum conundrum, then the following is a concise guide that will help you decide.


Testolone or RAD140 is an investigational drug that is being developed by Radius Health and is being researched for possible therapeutic applications.

It is a somewhat recent addition to the world of SARMS, considering that the very first animal studies have been conducted in 2011. However, it’s currently being considered by many as one of the most promising new developments.

Like most other SARMS, RAD140 includes a strong affinity for the androgen receptor and it stimulates an effect in the body that’s extremely equal to anabolic steroids. However, it doesn’t affect the prostate gland in men or causes androgenic symptoms in girls.

Also, going by anecdotal evidence offered by users, it seems to have a far stronger effect (affinity) compared to other SARMS. The only other SARM that can equal it in terms of effectiveness is reported to be YK-11 and stuff’s toxic.

So, if you’re looking to wet your toes in SARMS using something which’s strong and extremely strong, Testolone is one of the best bets.

Clinical Studies

As it’s a brand new SARM, there is only 1 Phase I Human study that has been run on RAD140.

It was to analyze the effectiveness of the drug in postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

The results are yet to be released.

You can discover another in-vivo and animal clinical study over here.

An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc.
Object name is ml-2010-002508_0005.jpg

What it says: Testolone helps increase muscle mass dramatically with no elevation of liver enzymes. It’s totally effective while stimulating muscle tissue but only partially effective on the prostate gland. This makes it a great choice for treating cachexia and age-related muscle wasting.


Sticking to the most essential aspect of Testolone, the outcomes.

What can you expect from a Testolone cycle? How does this compare against an LGD cycle concerning results?

Let’s find out.

Image result for RAD140 (Testolone)


Testolone will trigger beast style in the gym. You may break plateaus and you will be adding plates into the bar virtually every single time you lift. We aren’t kidding. Most athletes who have used Testolone have crushed their previous bests by week two or three of the cycles. The power gains continue until a week after which it kind of begins to level off.


It is very strange that a bulking SARM like RAD140 can supply you with the kind of vascularity that you normally associates with pre-contest compounds like Winstrol. By week-2 or 3, you will find veins popping out around. The pumps are very different from what one typically gets with Anabolicum. You look shredded with very minimal water earnings. Think of it as a moderate dose of evaluation using Anavar.


Most people looking to bulk opt for Anabolicum as it is the more popular of the two. But if you do not wish to appear soft while bulking, Testolone is clearly, the greater option. You might gain significantly less but the profits will be dryer and thinner. Within an 8-10-week cycle, you can gain 2-3 lbs. Of muscle.


Testolone is the only SARM that gives you the aggression that you generally associate with steroids like Dianabol and Masteron. You will have the focus and the desire to go harder in the weights each and every moment. If you pile this with a SARM like Ostarine, that helps with recovery, you should be able to experience remarkable results in just one cycle.

Negative Effects

No adverse effects have been reported in any of the clinical studies up to now. But anecdotal reviews are mixed.

Some people today believe that the medication gives them better results at the price of more severe side effects.

But that might be because it’s far stronger than what the majority of people anticipate SARMS to be.

To give you some perspective, Testolone comes with an anabolic to the androgenic rating of 90:1.

In comparison, Testosterone has an anabolic rating of 100.

So, it’s way closer to steroids than what’s expected.

And anything that is as powerful as Test is likely to make several sides.


Along with LGD, Testolone is the most suppressive SARM. However, some people don’t experience suppression in any way. Just one of the things with SARMS. People react differently to it. One thing’s for certain. If suppression strikes, you’ll be feeling it by week-4. There will be intense lethargy, sporadic spells of headaches and joint pains as well as Insomnia at times. A lot of individuals these days are utilizing SARMS using a low dose of testosterone to steer clear of the suppression. But in line with us, that defeats the purpose of utilizing SARMS at the first location. We recommend that you use OTC supplements like HCGenerate and M1-MK to keep your natural testosterone production upward.


Begin with a low dose. It is a very strong compound and you’d want to comprehend how your body reacts to it before you up the dose.

We recommend a starting dose of 10mg/ED for a few weeks. If you don’t experience any side effects, increase it to 20mg/ED for the rest of the cycle.

Always do your bloodwork before and after the cycle to estimate the amount of suppression of your HPTA and your testosterone levels.


Ideally, you don’t have to stack Testolone with any other SARM. It is extremely powerful and will provide you good results, even if you run it solo.

Having said this, SARMS works beautifully well in synergy. You can easily use you to reevaluate the effects of the other or to counter some of the negative effects of another.

Testolone & Anabolicum

If you pile Testolone and Anabolicum for instance, you will acquire quickly but RAD140 will stop excessive water retention. Thus, you will not lose a good deal of the profits made during the cycle immediately after it.

Testolone & Andarine

Testolone and Andarine create a great cutting edge stack. The RAD140 gives you the strength, aggression and lean muscle whilst Andarine helps you cut fat. Great for body composition additionally.

Dianabol Review 2020: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners


One of the most potent steroids on the market today is, without a doubt, Dianabol. It promises to help individuals become huge and is probably the most well-known oral steroid ever devised. Steroids, of course, have to be taken with care, and the side effects that can be attached to taking the muscle enhancer are no joke. Please take extreme caution when considering any steroids.

Image result for dianabol review

Dianabol is the brand name for Methandrostenolone. That’s the form of the word you would find in a parasitic! However, it’s actually an anabolic steroid that comes from testosterone. To make Dianabol stand out as a potent steroid, some alterations needed to be made. Carbon 2 and 1 were inserted as double bonds, and methyl classes were added in the 17th place. The reason for this is to help the steroid breakdown simpler by the liver.


Of course, the first thing anyone would like to discuss when it comes to a particular steroid would be the advantages that come from taking it. Since it’s testosterone-based, it has a straightforward action on the body. It helps in the retention of nitrogen, the synthesizing of protein, and a means to help people utilize the carbohydrates we have in a much more manageable manner.

  • Mass Profit

If you are somebody who’s extremely focused on gaining as much mass as possible, Dianabol is absolutely the steroid for you. People today say with absolute confidence that it is among the best steroids for those that want to achieve mass. Don’t read into people who say the gain is water and glycogen. That’s simply not true. It’s a fact, however, that individuals who use Dianabol will maintain water, but will notice that it vanishes immediately once the steroid is no longer needed.

With greater testosterone, your body will develop a quicker metabolism. This will help in receiving the proteins to your muscles as fast as possible, whilst helping your body burn fat faster.

  • Strength

Obviously, when you are going to have a steroid, then you have a goal of becoming stronger. Dianabol is excellent because of this and is a top competitor for Winstrol as it comes to raising people’s strength. People who take Dianabol have discovered that they have managed to set personal strength records and push themselves more than previously. What makes it better is that people don’t have to sit around for a while waiting for the gains to kick in. They kick extremely quickly and toss newbies off using the differences they feel straight away.

It also helps people with their healing times. The last thing you need is to be in a lot of pain it takes days until you can return to the gym. Dianabol helps your muscles repair themselves quicker and put you back to the gym when possible.


Certainly, when you’re able to achieve positive impacts on your body in a quick amount of time, there is a good chance other elements of your body might be affected negatively. And, regrettably, Dianabol is one of the riskiest steroids on the industry and is a reason why many men and women are inclined to avoid it, regardless of the rapid advantages. However, if the steroid is used precisely as it is directed for use, the odds of experiencing any of these side effects will be considerably reduced.

  • Side Effects Related to Estrogen

Concerning aromatase activity, Dianabol is pretty mild. When it does start to aromatize, it transforms into methyl estradiol, and it is a more powerful variant of Estradiol. This is exactly what can lead to the significant retention of water and result in possible “man boobs” These adverse side effects can occur overnight, which is a frightening proposition for most bodybuilders. The increased water retention can also lead to high blood pressure, which cannot be avoided.

  • Androgenic Effects

Due to the alterations made to the structure of the hormone, Dianabol’s androgenicity is significantly diminished. This can lead to loss of acne, hair across the body, along with other side effects that are common with typical androgenic side effects. These are the more common side effects that somebody would visit in a steroid user.

  • Hepatotoxicity and Cholesterol Effects

Since Dianabol is very hepatotoxic, it may deplete your levels of cholesterol. As soon as it is draining your great levels, it’s also upping your damaging amounts, also. Anyone who has ever had murdered with cholesterol or liver problems should not take Dianabol.

  • Suppression

Testosterone levels can be suppressed completely and even closed down with the use of Dianabol. Weight gain may happen very fast, but without the testosterone, it’ll be lost faster than it would ever be gained.


It is imperative if you are working to avoid any of the above side effects which you adhere to the dosage recommended. Dianabol is powerful enough that people don’t have to boost it more than it is.

For men, they should be considering 15mg a day, which ought to be broken into two to three doses for a total of 8-12 weeks. This is a low dose but is what you will need to accomplish your objectives. If you’re more experienced with your Dianabol cycles, it is possible to increase to 25-35mg per day.

For ladies, they should be looking at 5mg a day for 8-12 weeks. Using more than 5mg can pose the risk of virilization. This can be avoided with low doses. This is extremely important for all women to keep in mind while utilizing Dianabol.


There are a lot of side effects that should concern people considering taking Dianabol. As mentioned previously, if you adhere to the recommended dose amount, there shouldn’t be any issues. The FDA bans it in the USA, so people need to be aware of the legal problems that come along with using Dianabol. You will make your cycle goals, but the dangers far outweigh the rewards and something which must seriously be taken under consideration.

Testosterone Enanthate: Mind-Blowing Facts!


Testosterone Enanthate is an Anabolic Androgenic Steroid (AAS). The first time it had been introduced to the market was back in the 1950s.

It’s famous for its strong androgenic effects whilst having typical anabolic properties.

It has various medical functions. It’s mainly utilized to treat delayed puberty and reduced testosterone levels in men. In most countries, it’s a controlled substance.

Testosterone Enanthate can also be widely used by bodybuilders to help them raise testosterone levels. It’s undoubtedly among the most popular esters since it has a lengthy half-life.

Let’s take a better look at what it offers with respect to advantages.


Let’s take a good look at a typical Testosterone Enanthate Cycle.

The two main things are cycle length and dose.

Anecdotal experiences show us a typical cycle lasts anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks.

Obviously, you’ll come across users that will run it for longer periods of time like during a burst and cruise.

Additionally, it is good to know that Test requires a while to fully kick. Anecdotal experiences show us that it doesn’t kick in until week 4-6.

Here is a couple of examples of an Evaluation E cycle with different compounds added.

CYCLE LENGTH                                         COMPOUND                                           DOSAGE

WEEKS 1-14                                               TEST-E                                                    500MG/WEEK

CYCLE LENGTH                                         COMPOUND                                           DOSAGE

WEEKS 1-16                                                TEST-E                                                   500MG/WEEK
WEEKS 1-4                                                   DIANABOL                                            50MG/DAY

CYCLE LENGTH                                         COMPOUND                                           DOSAGE

WEEKS 1-14                                                TEST-E                                                    500MG/WEEK
WEEKS 1-12                                                 DECA DURABOLIN                             400MG/WEEK

The initial cycle is extremely basic. The second one includes an oral Kickstarter, Dianabol.

You’ll also find users that switch out Dbol for Anadrol or Turinabol. The same is true for Deca, a few people prefer Equipoise.

Additionally, it is advised to have an Anti Estrogen (AI) chemical available such as Arimidex or Arimistane.

A Testosterone Enanthate cycle will probably always be accompanied by a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

This is because Test-E essentially simplifies your own all-natural production and shuts down it.

A good PCT will assist with recovering from the cycle. Your body will have to begin producing Testosterone on its own again.


The dosage is usually between 250 and 500mg per week. However, you’ll always have users who run it at an even higher dosage such as 750mg to 1000mg per week.

Obviously, there are a variety of elements that will also play a role.

Most users will not require such a high dosage as the compound is highly effective.

500mg seems to be the sweet spot for many. You’ll find that it’s often piled with chemicals such as Winstrol or Anavar too.


Testosterone Enanthate is a long ester and contains a half-life of 4.5 days.

This is exceedingly important to bear this in mind. It is normally administered twice a week to keep stable testosterone levels.

Image result for pharma test e 500

Anecdotal experiences tell us that if a person is doing 500mg per week you should take the very first injection on Monday (250mg) and the second one on Thursday (250mg).

Simply put, 250mg twice a week to find an entire amount of 500mg a week.

In that way, you’ll keep levels secure and will not experience any fluctuations.


Why is it that bodybuilders use Testosterone Enanthate?

Well, as it’s highly effective. By increasing testosterone, you’ll be able to gain strength and size much faster. It is a Whole Lot more powerful than Primobolan as well.

It also increases protein synthesis. The higher the protein synthesis, the simpler it gets to build lean mass.

Let’s take a peek at the very reported effects from users who have tried this compound.

  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass
  • Boosted Protein Synthesis
  • Improved Power & Endurance
  • Greater Libido
  • Enriched Recovery

Again, this relies on anecdotal encounters.

In terms of the results, they significantly change. Some customers have gained up to 20lbs of lean muscle mass in a Testosterone Enanthate cycle.

Image result for testosterone enanthate benefits

But this comes at an affordable price. Steroids can be harmful to your health and I do not advise using them.


This anabolic androgenic steroid does come with side effects. The most frequent side effects are:

  • Acne
  • Decreased Libido
  • Hair Loss
  • Oily Skin
  • Gyno

Again, these are just a couple of instances. There is a lot more that can happen. They are not as intense as with Trenbolone but still. This ought to make you think twice about using steroids.

If you would like to improve your testosterone with no nasty side effects, have a look at Testo Max.

It’s a legal steroid that can help you gain lean mass and strength. It was developed as a safer option to Sustanon, and it can be a mixture of 4 different testosterone esters.

With this product, you will be able to put on a good amount of strength and mass when used properly. It also doesn’t need any PCT.


You’ll find a lot of users compare Testosterone Enanthate Vs Cypionate.

Both of them are different esters and regarded as long esters.

Evaluation E comes with a half-life of about 5 times. Cypionate has a half-life of 7 to 10 days.

This usually means that Enanthate is slightly faster and has a shorter half-life compared to Cypionate.

Red PCT Review: How Effective Post Cycle Therapy?

On the lookout for an effective Post Cycle Therapy supplement that can help you after you’ve finished your cycle?

Then you probably have come across a product called Red PCT.

You are wondering if this item is actually going to help you with recovery.

Most of us know how significant Post-Cycle Therapy, so it is crucial to have a good PCT supplement on hand.

Do not worry — I’ll show you everything you want to know about this product in my Red PCT Review.


RED PCT is also an all-natural anti-estrogen nutritional supplement. The product is manufactured and marketed by Red Supplements.

It is mostly marketed as a Post Cycle Therapy but can also be utilized with the intention of fighting estrogenic side effects. It is possible to use it standalone.

Besides decreasing testosterone, the official site also asserts that it boosts antioxidants and testosterone in the body.

Image result for WHAT IS RED PCT?

Basically, this product could help with reducing estrogen which then helps boost testosterone levels. When testosterone levels increase, you’ll observe that putting on muscle mass, power and strength will be a lot easier.

This makes it successful during a PCT. When you operate anabolic steroids or prohormones, your natural testosterone production is going to take a hit. You’ll need a product that will assist you to regain.

When I use performance enhancers, I always stock up on Rebirth PCT because I find it to be more effective compared to Red.


Now that we know what advantages RED PCT offers, let’s take a look at the components present in this item.

By taking a closer look at the ingredients we are able to see whether Red PCT might really help with combating estrogen and raising testosterone.

Image result for RED PCT INGREDIENTS

As you can see, one serving of this item is 3 capsules. You’ll discover a total of 9 ingredients totaling an amount of 660mg per serving. I will be honest, that isn’t too much but it’s the components that count.

I’m familiar with a lot of the ingredients. I know that DIM (Diindolylmethane) might be able to be the aromatase inhibitor. The other components are also quite popular and discovered in many other nutritional supplements. Additionally, it is located in Androsurge.

I believe they have assembled a nice formula but I believe that there’s a much better choice to Red PCT.


Another popular Post Cycle Therapy nutritional supplement is Rebirth PCT. Rebirth PCT by Huge Nutrition is also an anti-estrogen, testosterone booster and PCT supplement.

Lots of people will frequently compare these two because they would like to understand which is best for hastening recovery.

Image result for RED PCT 2.0 VS REBIRTH PCT

I have tested these two supplements and have investigated them thoroughly. I have also assessed the full ingredient listing for the two products.

As I mentioned previously in this article, a successful post cycle therapy is very important. You obviously want the best product out there to be sure to recover properly.

If I had to pick between Red PCT and Rebirth PCT for my Post Cycle Therapy, then I’d personally go with Rebirth.

Why? Since Rebirth includes a 6 capsule serving size totaling 4.09 g. This means you’re becoming like 6 times the amount in contrast to Red.

Rebirth also contains quality ingredients such as Arimistane, D-Aspartic Acid and the well-known ZMA combination. I personally use it like a SARMs PCT and it works exactly how it’s supposed to operate.

Of course, this doesn’t imply that Red PCT is a bad item. Quite a lot of people have had great results with it. I just feel there are far better choices out there.


Red PCT 2.0 is something that can help with fighting estrogenic side effects. It’s also possible that it might raise testosterone.

The formulation contains effective ingredients that have shown promising results.

However, if you’re looking for something that could definitely help you with lowering estrogen, increasing testosterone and fostering lean mass we suggest Rebirth PCT instead.

Redcon1 Total War Pre Workout #1 Overview: Strong Or Weak PWO?

The Redcon1 Total War Pre Workout is just one of those products you simply should try at least once. Because most of you may already know, it’s been reformulated a few times.

Each and every time RedCon1 has managed to surprise me by bringing out a much more powerful version than the previous one.

I’m serious men, this fresh version of the Total War Pre Workout is more powerful than. It has a balanced mixture of solid ingredients which will cause incredible pumps and focus from the gym.

But, I found Preseries Volume to beat it every single moment. It’s a whole lot more powerful and comprises more ingredients. With that being said, it is also backed up by science and one serving is over 20 grams.

If you’re trying to find a great daily pre-workout, you definitely have to check it out.

In this Redcon1 Total War Pre Workout Review, I will be discussing my positive experiences using it.


I decided to set the brand new Total War formula into the test. As you guys know, I’m a big fan of pre workouts and I use them frequently.

I’ve used nearly every pre workout on the market including the popular ones like Outlift and Mesomorph.

After using the Redcon1 Entire war multiple times I found that it is very effective when it comes to enhancing performance in the gym.

Whether you are looking to increase strength, place a personal record or only get a rush of energy that this pre workout can help you.

What I enjoy about the Redcon1 Total War Pre Workout is that it will help me to stay energized and focused.

Image result for redcon1 total war pre workout

One scoop was more than enough for me, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to completely kick in and then you’ll be ready to go.

The main effects I get out of this pre workout are:

  • Muscle Pumps
  • Laser Focus
  • Energy Burst
  • Power Boost
  • Explosive Power

The effects of this pre workout are precisely what I look for in these sorts of products. It allows me to push myself beyond my limits.

I would also like to mention that I experienced no crash whatsoever with this pre workout.

This is principal because it does not contain too many stimulants but only the ideal amount for you going.

So guys, you can crush your fitness regimen and continue to be productive during the day.


As you might already know, Redcon1 has reformulated Total warfare several times.

The older version used to be even more powerful. But now, it no longer contains DMHA so you won’t need to worry about a crash after using it.




I like the fact that this product contains a good mixture of ingredients like Beet Root Extract that are believed to be great for raising muscle pumps.

Of course, you will also find Beta-Alanine and L-Citrulline in this item, you can’t overlook those as they’re pretty much a must-have at a pre workout.

There is 250mg of Caffeine Anhydrous in a single serving of the Redcon1 Total War.

If you are sensitive to stimulants such as Caffeine maybe it is a fantastic idea to begin with only half a spoonful.

The overall war also contains black pepper extract that you often see in additional pre workouts. The pepper helps your body absorb the remaining ingredients.

It’s a complete formula that has a great deal to offer. If you’re searching for an effective and cheap pre workout supplement that I definitely suggest checking out Redcon1 Total War.


Ok men, for me personally preference is quite important as well. Obviously, I want the item to help me improve my workout intensity but I need to be able to drink it without throwing up.

Fortunately for us, the total warfare pre workout is offered in 17 distinct flavors.

That’s correct, 17 amazing flavors. You’ll observe pre-workouts that have three or four different flavors but that I was totally amazed by these flavors.

A few of the flavors are Strawberry Kiwi, Sour Gummy Bear and Pineapple Juice.


With this review, I went with the Strawberry Mango flavor. The taste was really great, I poured it into a glass of cold water and was able to appreciate it.

The powder stitched very easily so there were not any chunks floating around.

I would say the taste is a whole lot better in comparison to other products I have tried. Definitely an amazing tasting pre workout and I give it an 8/10 for me personally.


1 bottle of Total War contains 30 servings and costs roughly $35. This comes down to approximately $1,16 per serving.

In comparison to a lot of other pre workouts, I’d say that’s a decent price. You need to remember, it’s a good product but it’s nothing overly special.

As for me, I do not mind spending a little extra to receive an excellent product. At the end of the afternoon, you need something that will help you crush your workouts.


Redcon1 Total War Pre Workout is unquestionably a solid pre-workout. It contains the ideal number of ingredients in good dosages.

A moderate quantity of caffeine blended with assorted ingredients to stimulate blood flow.

It gives me great pumps, energy and focuses permitting me to get the most out of my workout. As you probably know, it is very important to push yourself beyond your limits in the fitness center.

Besides that, it tastes great and is reasonably priced.

If you’re looking for a pre-workout that could potentially aid in improving your gym functionality than that I highly suggest checking it all out.

Be sure that you check my Redcon1 Halo review too!

Phen375 Reviews: Mind-Blowing Results Inside!

Phen375 is among the most popular fat burning products available in the marketplace. It is known for its innovative formula that not only promises to help with losing weight, it also helps with suppressing appetite cravings.

Inside this Phen375 Review, we’re going to take a peek at precisely how effective it is.

Might it be worth using if you’re seeking to quickly shed weight? Let’s find out!


Phen375 is a weight loss product, also known as a fat burner. It helps you during your weight loss journey.

This product stands out from the rest of the weight loss pills. It has got a complex formula with premium ingredients that directly target fat loss.

Related image

  • Make Losing Weight Easy
  • Helps Reduce Food Cravings
  • Supercharge Metabolism
  • Highly Refined Ingredients
  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Diet Plans Provided
  • 250,000+ Satisfied Customers


It contains over 6 different ingredients that each have a beneficial role when it comes to losing weight.

I’ve used many different fat burners such as Phen375 and found it to be among the best performing products.

What I enjoy about this product is that not only does it directly aim fat reduction, but it also helps with cravings. For me, cravings are a massive problem when losing weight.

The formula supporting Phen357 helps with the appetite cravings and makes sure you reach your goals as quickly as possible.


The reason why Phen375 is becoming so popular is because it stands out. The formulation Includes natural high notch ingredients that help with burning fat, suppressing appetite

Image result for phen375 ingredients

  • L-Carnitine – This ingredient is said to produce more energy. With increased energy levels, you’ll be able to take your performance to the next level. It’s also essential when it comes to stimulating fat loss. However, this has not been scientifically proven.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Caffeine Anhydrous is one of the few ingredients that has been proven to help with burning fat. It’s also great for suppressing appetite which will help with losing weight in the long run.
  • Coleus Forskolii Root – This ingredient can potentially help with increasing your body’s metabolism. It’s also said to have a positive impact on fat mobilization.
  • Cayenne Pepper – Cayenne Pepper can help stimulate thermogenesis. Basically, it helps heat up your body temperature which will improve fat loss.
  • Citrus Aurantium – The sour orange might be able to help with increasing metabolic rate. Once metabolism increases, it’s easier to start losing and burning fat.
  • Dendrobium Nobile Extract – Dendrobium Nobile Extract can help with improving digestion. Most users say that this ingredient helps them feel more full throughout the day.

If you are interested in knowing more about the components present in this item, click the button below.

It’s also good to understand that this product does not need a prescription. It is completely safe and legal to use.


This item is by far one of the most effective diet pills available on the industry at the moment.

I know a good deal of people who have used Phen375 who have gotten amazing results. Naturally, you have to ensure that your diet is in check.

It is definitely no magic pill but DOES work.

Let’s take a look at a few actual customer reviews. It is going to provide you a fantastic idea of what you can expect when utilizing Phen375.

“Phen375 is just one among the very few weight loss pills I’ve used that really worked. I’d a huge benefit from the simple fact that it helps fight cravings. Within my first month I ended up losing 8lbs.”

“Losing weight has always been difficult for me. I opted to provide Phen375 a try after reading many favorable customer testimonials. I am very pleased with the results I have gotten up to now, I can’t wait to find out what I look like once my bottles are empty”

“The progress I’ve made with the Assistance of Phen375 is Wonderful. It helps me control my sweet cravings and provides me a great deal of energy throughout the day. I’m already down a good 10 pounds in 6 weeks. If you’re looking to quickly lose weight, I suggest giving it a shot.”

“Phen375 didn’t give me the results I Anticipated. It is fantastic for controlling cravings and appetite. I do have to add that I didn’t actually see my diet, perhaps that is the reason why it didn’t work as anticipated. I could try it again with a suitable diet soon.”


A lot of my followers have requested me. .

Phen375, does this function?

Yes, I’m convinced it works. It is not a magic pill, you will still need to spend the job.

But. .

It greatly accelerates your fat loss progress. I have seen quite a while and after pictures of people who successfully utilized Phen375.

Apart from that, there are over 250.000 people who’ve used it. I have yet to find a completely negative review of this product. Of course, you’ll discover people that anticipated more from it but overall it has quite positive reviews.

If you’re serious about losing weight, I strongly suggest adding Phen357 into your everyday routine. It can help with:

  • Burning Fat
  • Suppressing Hunger
  • Fight Food Cravings
  • Supercharge Energy
  • Improve Exercise

Make sure you are following a diet. It’s important to monitor your calories when you’re slimming down. The addition of the fat loss supplement is likely to make certain you lose as much fat as you can.

If you’re looking for another successful fat burner, then I suggest checking out PhenQ.



  • Boost Fat Immediately
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Advanced Formula
  • Can Reduce Cravings
  • Can Suppress Appetite
  • Boost Energy
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Many Favorable Reviews
  • Safe To Use


  • Only Available From Official Website
  • Includes Stimulants


You can just purchase Phen375 on the official website. It’s not sold in any store so that you must order it online.

The excellent thing is they run a lot of unique promotions on the official Phen375 website.

If you’re prepared to begin your weight loss journey, I highly advise stocking up now. If you buy 4 bottles, you’ll get one extra bottle at no cost.

Masteron: The Mind-Blowing Guide On Drostanolone [NEW!]


Masteron, also referred to as Drostanolone is a dihydrotestosterone derived from anabolic steroid.

It was initially introduced for medical usage back in the 1960s. Much like several steroids, Drostanolone was utilized to treat advanced breast cancer.

These days, bodybuilders and fitness center rats utilize this chemical as a performance-enhancing medication.

You might discover that there are two distinct esters of the chemical. Masteron Propionate and Masteron Enanthate.


There are two big differences between Masteron Propionate and Enanthate

Image result for masteron propionate

Those are dose administration and also the half-life of these chemicals.

Masteron Propionate includes a half-life of 2.5 days.

To maintain steady levels, most consumers will decide to take Mast P daily or every other day.

Of both esters, Propionate appears to be the most popular among bodybuilders. The two esters are administered through injection.

Additionally, it is interesting to understand that Masteron Propionate was made by precisely the exact same firm as Anadrol.


Enanthate, also reffered to as Mast E would be the lengthier ester.

This chemical has a half-life of 10 days. Due to its lengthy half-life, it is possible to get away with carrying it twice a week.

Aside from the simple fact that you are going to need to administer it frequently, there isn’t any mentionable gap between both.

Nevertheless most bodybuilders swear by Propionate more than Enanthate.


Masteron is regarded as a cutting edge steroid. You will frequently see it piled with chemicals like Winstrol, Testosterone, and Trenbolone.

Most users are quite lean before conducting a Masteron Cycle. It is because it actually shines once you’re body fat.

A Good Deal of users imply getting below 12 percent body fat else you won’t notice much


It’s powerful muscle side effects and provides you a grainy appearance. As soon as you’re ~10 percent bodyfat you may anticipate Drostanolone to provide you a fantastic look.

If you’re searching for a chemical which may assist with putting on a great deal of dimensions, it is ideal to decide on another one. Be sure to check out Deca Durabolin or Equipoise.

Drostanolone is not really effective when it comes to building mass, it is more used to chisel a body. You’ll discover a great deal of people who say it assists them with pushing water out.

That is the reason you’ll often see it utilized during contest preparation. It is combined with numerous cutting medications such as Clenbuterol to acquire a shredded physique.

Some bodybuilders will even throw it in through a burst and cruise.

Here’s an example of a Masteron Cycle.

Compound                                                Dosage                                                      Weeks
Masteron Propionate                             500mg/week                                           1-10
Testosterone Propionate                      350mg/week                                           1-10

Most will operate it Drostanolone for between 2 to 10 weeks. You’ll discover consumers that run it to get more, it is dependent on your objectives.

Sometimes, bodybuilders will toss into an extra oral steroid like Turinabol to kickstart the cycle.

When the Masteron cycle is completed, you will expect a Post Cycle Therapy.


A normal Masteron dose is anywhere from 300 to 700mg a week. If you are new to this chemical, it is advised to begin with a minimal dosage of 300mg a week.

For many, the sweet spot appears to be approximately 500mg a week.

Users who operate Mast P in a greater dose are often stacking it with other chemicals like Trenbolone and Testosterone.

As the hottest ester is Propionate, you are going to need to administer it to 2 days. If you are going to perform Enanthate it is every 3.5 days.

Let us say that your Masteron propionate dosage is 350mg a week. This usually means you’re going to be injecting either 50mg each and every single day, or even 100mg every other day.


Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate) comes with an anabolicandrogenic ratio of
62 to 25.

Image result for masteron benefits

It truly shines when it comes to muscle hardening effects. Muscle density also raises whilst on.

It is going to make you look slimmer, hence the reason it’s frequently used for bodybuilding competitions.

It will assist with providing your muscles a specific appearance. A good deal of users also assert it provides them excellent pumps and energy at the gym.

Particularly when it’s blended with additional cutting edge chemicals.

Do not expect miracles from Drostanolone as it pertains to lean muscle gains. It is mainly used for its ramifications it has to offer you.

If you are searching to acquire a good deal of mass, then you are likely better off with Evaluation and Dianabol.


You ought to be aware that Masteron doesn’t aromatize.

As a consequence, you will not be experiencing some water retention or gynecomastia. Additionally, this is one of many reasons people choose to use it through a cutting cycle.

What is so good about this chemical is that its anti-estrogen properties. This means that you likely won’t need to use ancillaries.

It is also not quite liver toxic. But, I’d always advise to conduct a bicycle service merchandise when conducting any kind of steroid.

However, just like androgenic anabolic steroids, it will have side effects. After all, it is a DHT derivative.

The following side effects are associated with the use of Drostanolone:

  • Hair Reduction
  • Enriched Aggression
  • Acne

If you are prone to baldness you need to be cautious with this chemical. It is difficult to say if you’ll experience any of these unwanted effects.

But you need to be aware there is a chance of having them.

Female competitions can undergo virilization when using this chemical.

The Majority of Women will favor Anavar or Primobolan over Drostanolone.


Masteron is a fantastic but gentle chemical which has amazing results.

It is offered in two distinct esters however Propionate is the most popular among.

This chemical is principally utilized during competition prep or whilst cutting.

It is essential to be in a minimal body fat when utilizing it. This way you will have the ability to experience Drostanolone’s total potential.

It’s anti-estrogen effects that make it fascinating for a great deal of bodybuilders.

In general, it is a powerful steroid which certainly has it’s place in bodybuilding.

Superdrol: The Strongest Oral Out There?


Methasterone, also known as Superdrol or methyldrostanolone is among the strongest orally active anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) on the market. Methasterone (Superdrol) was made back in the 1950s but was not available as a prescription medication.

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Although Methasterone itself was not available to the general public, the non-17α-alkylated counterpart of Methasterone was distributed under the title Masteron.

The title Superdrol might sound familiar to you — It was actually the name of a dietary supplement comprising methasterone. This product was promoted as a prohormone or even a dietary supplement, which may not be more wrong.

After this captured the FDA’s attention back in 2006, they forced the brand Superdrol to be discontinued. In 2012, Methasterone was completely banned altogether — making it a controlled substance similar to all other AAS.

Fortunately, there continue to be excellent alternatives to this chemical. My personal favourite alternatives for gaining mass are 1-Andro and 4-Andro that are still legal.

A few years after Methasterone remains widely utilized in the bodybuilding scene and it’s reportedly among the strongest oral steroids available.

But this compound ought to be used with care as it’s proven to be quite hepatotoxic.

Obviously, there is a reason Superdrol is being mentioned among the strongest orals out there. People who have taken it will understand what I am talking about, this material is no joke.

The benefits you are in a position to have from 10 or 20mg of Superdrol are crazy, particularly when your daily diet and training is in check.

The great thing about this chemical is that you could use it equally for bulking and cuttingedge. You may expect significant lean muscle mass gains if using Superdrol.

It is simple to expect to pack on 10lbs of muscle when shooting 10-20mg it for 4 months.

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Another thing worth mentioning Superdrol is that it makes you strong.

Ask anyone that has employed Superdrol, it’s probably the first thing they will mention. It’s famous for its strength benefits, you can probably improve your strength by 25% in a cycle.

Just as with Dianabol, Superdrol is often used as a kick starter for a cycle. This will make you look more fuller. Striations and vascularity will also increase whilst conducting this compound.

Besides the fact that SD is an extremely strong chemical, it can be quite liver toxic. This is the most important reason for most people to steer away from it.

There are a lot of reports of individuals with liver damage and elevated liver enzymes after conducting Superdrol.

If you misuse this chemical, you are going to end up with liver damage. Seriously, do not run this material for more than 4 to 6 months. Apart from that, it would be a fantastic idea to get blood work done before your cycle. This way you’ll have the ability to see the impact Superdrol can have.

That is why it’s advised to go with the new production prohormones by Steel Supplements. They’re equally as powerful yet carry far less side effects.

SD may also result in water retention and possibly even Gynecomastia. On top of this, it will also suppress your natural testosterone levels just like other AAS do.

As a consequence, you may also require a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) such as Nolvadex or Clomid.

Some users also mention appetite suppression and lethargy whilst online bicycle. Both of these side effects may be a significant problem since they will impact your everyday routine. The most reported negative effects of Superdrol are:

  • Acne
  • Lethargy
  • Hepatoxicity
  • Shin splints
  • Libido loss

Not everyone seems to experience the side effects, there are reports of people using superdrol and not having a single side effect at all. If you are looking for an alternative to Superdrol, I would recommend checking out SARMs. It’s stated that some SARMs such as RAD-140 (Testolone) and YK-11 have comparable consequences to SD.

Also, be certain to check out the following video about Superdrol’s unwanted effects. These men are bodybuilders and have a lot of expertise with the chemical and its unwanted side effects.

Should you choose to conduct SD be sure to do enough research. This is essential when you would like to stay safe whilst running this particular compound.

It’s highly recommended that you conduct a Cycle support merchandise if you are going to get Superdrol.

This can help protect the liver and other organs.

There are numerous approaches you can take when it comes to running superdrol cycles. A lot of people who have never touched it before will opt to run it in 10 to 20mg.

Experienced users will frequently go with anywhere from 20 or 30mg, with some even pushing the upper limit of 40mg a day. Keep in mind that higher dosages will probably lead to more side effects such as lethargy.

It’s highly advised to conduct a test base with this chemical. Most people will choose either Sustanon or Testosterone Enanthate.

To give you an idea of how powerful this chemical is, here is what a steroid forum user had to say about it:

It works WELL at only 10mg/day, it works AMAZINGLY in 20mg/day, as for 30mg/day you truly don’t need that much. You could realize that 10mg/day for ~6 weeks is far better compared to 30mg/day for ~4 weeks.

As you can see, 20mg seems to be the sweet spot for most users. I’d certainly not recommend taking more than 20mg a day based on the research I have done.

Most superdrol cycles will continue anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. Your liver will

Here is how the typical superdrol cycles look like:

You will often see folks running this chemical as a Kickstarter for a blast and cruise cycle. There are not a lot of people who operate SD by itself mainly since it is not worth doing this.

When this oral is piled with Trenbolone you can expect insane outcomes. You will see a great deal of bodybuilders doing this because they produce a synergetic effect.

Superdrol is known for giving excellent results. Most users appear to easily pack roughly 10lbs of muscle within the course of 4-6 weeks.

Superdrol seems to really shine once it is combined with other AAS.

Superdrol results

As you can see the results are extremely impressive whilst only running it for 3 weeks. The dosage was 20mg per day, which appears to moderate. This compound is actually great for placing on mass very fast.

Another thing worth mentioning is your strength will increase tremendously. Adding 50lbs to a most important lifts over the duration of 4 weeks is not unheard of.

Superdrol is my favorite compound, even over tren. No aromatization, some acne, no additional side. I do not even get back or calf pumps. Amazing size gains and strength gains. The very best aspect of the Superdrol was the emotional increase — it had been like tren with the psychological sides. Cloud nine all the time, libido fantastic, confidence good. Super clean feeling.

As you can see not everybody has side effects when running SD. When speaking about superdrol outcomes, you may always see people mentioning the crazy size and strength gains.

It can definitely give you great results, I would suggest having a look at the following video. These bodybuilders will discuss their own experiences with SD and the outcomes it had.

Regrettably, superdrol is presently a schedule III controlled substance and illegal.

Maybe you can get some on the black market, but I would not suggest getting it there. After doing a great deal of research we’ve discovered some other alternatives that are able to increase mass and strength gains.

For putting on size rapidly, legal prohormones are extremely interesting. I have found the products by Steel Supplements to be excellent in improving functionality, mass and strength.

I have personally used 1-Andro, 4-Andro and Epiandrosterone which all gave impressive results.

I was able to gain a good quantity of muscle mass and strength in a brief time period. The great thing is they barely had some side effects.

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