On the lookout for an effective Post Cycle Therapy supplement that can help you after you’ve finished your cycle?

Then you probably have come across a product called Red PCT.

You are wondering if this item is actually going to help you with recovery.

Most of us know how significant Post-Cycle Therapy, so it is crucial to have a good PCT supplement on hand.

Do not worry — I’ll show you everything you want to know about this product in my Red PCT Review.


RED PCT is also an all-natural anti-estrogen nutritional supplement. The product is manufactured and marketed by Red Supplements.

It is mostly marketed as a Post Cycle Therapy but can also be utilized with the intention of fighting estrogenic side effects. It is possible to use it standalone.

Besides decreasing testosterone, the official site also asserts that it boosts antioxidants and testosterone in the body.

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Basically, this product could help with reducing estrogen which then helps boost testosterone levels. When testosterone levels increase, you’ll observe that putting on muscle mass, power and strength will be a lot easier.

This makes it successful during a PCT. When you operate anabolic steroids or prohormones, your natural testosterone production is going to take a hit. You’ll need a product that will assist you to regain.

When I use performance enhancers, I always stock up on Rebirth PCT because I find it to be more effective compared to Red.


Now that we know what advantages RED PCT offers, let’s take a look at the components present in this item.

By taking a closer look at the ingredients we are able to see whether Red PCT might really help with combating estrogen and raising testosterone.

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As you can see, one serving of this item is 3 capsules. You’ll discover a total of 9 ingredients totaling an amount of 660mg per serving. I will be honest, that isn’t too much but it’s the components that count.

I’m familiar with a lot of the ingredients. I know that DIM (Diindolylmethane) might be able to be the aromatase inhibitor. The other components are also quite popular and discovered in many other nutritional supplements. Additionally, it is located in Androsurge.

I believe they have assembled a nice formula but I believe that there’s a much better choice to Red PCT.


Another popular Post Cycle Therapy nutritional supplement is Rebirth PCT. Rebirth PCT by Huge Nutrition is also an anti-estrogen, testosterone booster and PCT supplement.

Lots of people will frequently compare these two because they would like to understand which is best for hastening recovery.

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I have tested these two supplements and have investigated them thoroughly. I have also assessed the full ingredient listing for the two products.

As I mentioned previously in this article, a successful post cycle therapy is very important. You obviously want the best product out there to be sure to recover properly.

If I had to pick between Red PCT and Rebirth PCT for my Post Cycle Therapy, then I’d personally go with Rebirth.

Why? Since Rebirth includes a 6 capsule serving size totaling 4.09 g. This means you’re becoming like 6 times the amount in contrast to Red.

Rebirth also contains quality ingredients such as Arimistane, D-Aspartic Acid and the well-known ZMA combination. I personally use it like a SARMs PCT and it works exactly how it’s supposed to operate.

Of course, this doesn’t imply that Red PCT is a bad item. Quite a lot of people have had great results with it. I just feel there are far better choices out there.


Red PCT 2.0 is something that can help with fighting estrogenic side effects. It’s also possible that it might raise testosterone.

The formulation contains effective ingredients that have shown promising results.

However, if you’re looking for something that could definitely help you with lowering estrogen, increasing testosterone and fostering lean mass we suggest Rebirth PCT instead.


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